Fuge Immobest Grout

Ready mix pavement fixing mortar – The solution to your pavement joint problems!

Our goal is to develop products which offer our customers: High quality, competitive prices, easy application, safety for health and environment.

We offer several sandbinder products, one-component and two-component systems to meet the diverse requirements of various construction sites.

Our most popular material is Fuge Ready Mix, the one-component, water-resistant solution for all pavements.

We offer a water-resistant pavement fixing mortar. Our unique water-resistant formula allows for the so called “water-jet technique”. This means workers can rinse the material into the joints with a soft jet of water. The advantages of this technique are: quicker application and filling of joints is deeper and more compact. Time consuming cleaning of the surface is also unnecessary because the surfaces can be pre-wetted.

The application of immobest Ready Mix – a brief instruction to the handling of our well known pavement joints mortar.


  • 12.5kg Natural Sand (Buff)
  • 20kg Natural Sand-Fine 3mm (Buff)
  • 20kg Natural Sand (Buff)
  • 12.5kg Stroneygrey (Grey)
  • 20kg Stoneygrey (Grey)  
  • 12.5kg Basalt (Black)
  • 20kg Basalt (Black)

Silica Sand:

  • 20kg Silica Sand Bag €4.07 excl.Vat

Stone Sealer:

  • 5Ltr FUGE Stone Sealer Drum €40.65 excl. Vat
  • 1Ltr FUGE Stone Sealer Drum (Wet Look)  €14.64 excl. Vat
  • Weed-Blocker  €14.63 excl. Vat