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Natural Stone Cladding is a cost effective way of adding stunning deco stone wall features to your home. Our cladding stone is easy to install and suitable for inside and outside application

Stick on Stone Cladding

All our stick on stone cladding is made out of thin pieces of natural building stone that can be applied directly onto any exterior or interior block wall.

At Manor Stone we sell two types of Natural Stone Cladding: 

  • Z Stone Cladding - Interlocking Z Panels are easy to install, low maintenance and come in a variety of natural stone and slate finishes. Due to minimal wastage when fitted, this stick on stone cladding is extremely cost effective.

  • Individual Natural Stone Cladding - Individual pieces of random sized natural building stone cut to 40mm thickness. Cladding Stone comes in a variety of finishes, is maintenance free and easy to install.
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