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How To Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Space

Now more than ever, we are spending an increasing amount of time outdoors. With the predicted summer ahead, it doesn’t look like this will be changing anytime soon.

With this in mind, it's important for us all to do what we can with what we’ve got, to try and make the 'staycation' this year, as special as possible.

If you want to be outside soaking up the sun, but aren't satisfied with the space you've got, check out our practical tips and tricks below to transform your space into your own private haven. 

  • New leaf of life: Nothing screams summer more than bright colours. A lick of colourful paint on garden furniture can easily rejuvenate it. If you have the furniture sorted, get creative with what else you could take a brush too; terracotta flower pots, planters, bird houses (perfect to keep the kids entertained) or create a mural on an outdoor wall. Don't be afraid to do an 'out there' design, the bolder and brighter it is, the more it will shine. In any outdoor space, colourful, bright flowers are a lovely addition. There's no doubt about it, flowers can give you an immediate mood boost. With this in mind, we recommend placing them everywhere! Hanging baskets are a fantastic option if your'e a little scarcer on space. On your walks, snip bits of foliage or stems of flowers such as daisies, a collection of these in milk bottles or glass jars would make for a lovely low cost, outdoor dining table center piece. 




    • Comfortable seating: This is an obvious one, and certainly something the nation has shown great interest in, but no doubt about it, it is a great time to invest in solid garden furniture. With the holidays, days and nights out cancelled (😢), it’s worth spending the spare cash on something that you will get fantastic use out of for years to come. Keep in mind that pieces should all work well together. Include different shapes and styles, however, avoid using too many different materials. To make it cohesive, face all of the furniture towards one another. Try to create your outdoor space as an extension of inside, add bright cushions, throws, candles, coffee tables and rugs to create this rustic vibe. Make it just as comfy and stylish as your indoor living room. 

    • At the fairy least: Ah, fairy lights, what would we do without them? Fairy lights can be put anywhere and everywhere and instantly turn your garden into a boho, cosy haven. To ensure a more cosy summer night and less Christmas Eve look, stick to white and blue lights. If you want to keep them together, pop them into an empty wine bottle, lantern, mason jar or around a used light bulb, add flowers for an extra touch. Super affordable, readily available and very effective; what more could you want!




    • Mirror, mirror on the garden wall: Garden mirrors are big on trend at moment, and we can absolutely understand why. A stunning garden mirror can make the space you have seem so much bigger as it bounces light whilst also showing off your lovely plants. A garden mirror of any size is sure to add bundles of interest and quirkiness to your garden.
    • Upcycle: There are so many bits and pieces around the house that you could make into something really special for your garden. Never underestimate what you could do with wooden pallets, they are fantastic; create an L-shaped couch, benches, planters, even an outdoor bar and much more. If you are tight on space, create a ladder of shelves against a sunny wall, perfect for displaying plants and herbs. Old tires and cans can be made into lovely flowerpots, wishing wells, seats or swings. Fire pits can be a lovely focal point to any outdoor space, try out a DIY pit or invest in a budget-friendly one if you know you will get great use of it as the nights get warmer. Toasted marshmallows on the menu all summer, yes please! 
    • Welcome flying friends: Invite birds to your garden with a bird feeder, bird bath or bird house. Hearing lovely birds chirping will definitely help you to wind down and relax in your garden.    

     Most of all, don't be hard on yourself, just do what ever makes this challenging time a little bit easier for you! 

    Images: Pinterest 

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