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Low Maintenance Landscaping

Designing and creating your landscaping ideas can be fun, but also exhausting and time consuming when it comes to maintaining it.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn't give landscaping a go. Here are a few ideas for low maintenance gardening:

Easy to Maintain Flowers

There are flowers that will require your attention daily. There are others that you can leave for ages and let them do their own thing. Go for the latter. 


One of the most popular and hardy perennials available. Great scent, easy to maintain and compliments all types of flowers, plants and garden designs.

Potted Plants

Save yourself the drama of a garden bed and get potted plants instead. Fun to setup and you can get creative with both the flowers and the pots.

Mulch Beds

Great to help your garden grow and once laid out, easy to keep in excellent condition. Replacing the mulch and watering them is all that is needed.

Stone Pavers

Regardless of what type of stone you choose, once you lay it out and install it, you’ll be love how easy it is to maintain. One of the better low maintenance landscaping ideas available.

Rock Garden Design

Different stones and rocks laid out in a garden bed fashion will give your backyard a zen-like feeling. As well as save you any problems maintaining it.

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