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Gardening Jobs For November

- Collect any fallen leaves of roses that are affected by blackspot and bin them so they will not carry the disease onto next year.

- After harvesting, prune Autumn-fruiting raspberries to the ground.

- Provide food and shelter for your garden wildlife as the winter approaches.

- Once dormant, prune fruit bushes, such as gooseberries and blackcurrants. 

- Using bubble polythene insulate your greenhouse walls and roof.

- If rabbits are an issue, put stem protection guards around young trees and shrubs.

Use plant jackets to protect tender plants from the frost.

- Ensure you water spring bulbs that are indoors so they will never dry out.

- Any garden furniture that cannot be taken indoors, place waterproof covers to protect them over the winter months. 

- Cut up any old crops, faded bedding plants and annuals and add them to the compost bin.

- Start collecting rain water as it is great for plants.

- To prevent waterlogging raise containers onto pot feet.

- Cover brassicas with netting if you are having a problem with pigeons.

- Plant tulip bulbs in pots, covering them well with compost or soil.

- Support top heavy brussel sprouts from wind damage using canes and pile earth up around the stems for some extra support.

- Clean out all empty pots and trays to be ready for next seasons crops and to avoid the spread of fungus and bacteria.


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