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Gardening Jobs For July

-Help out honey bees by planting lavender, Jasmine and Bergamot in your garden.

Lavender Plant  (Our lavender is in bloom and in stock now)

-Fill up ponds, bird baths and water features during hot weather

-Sow biennials like Forget-me-nots, Wallflowers and Foxgloves for bloom next year.

-Keep an eye out for pests like lily beetles, snails, aphids and remove them  before they cause damage .

(available in store)


- water plants such as peas, beans and celery often.

-Feed garden birds food like sunflower hearts, bird feed and mealworms.

(variety in store)

-Clean your wooden garden furniture with a damp cloth or a soapy liquid solution.

-Dead-head and feed Roses to help them flower correctly.

-Water bushes and fruit trees and lay a thick layer of garden compost around each of their ends to contain moisture. 

-Sow a batch of dwarf beans and and peas for an Autumn crop.

-Cover Brassicas with netting to keep cabbage white butterflies from laying their eggs on the leaves.

Call in store to see how we can help you this July! 

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