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Gardening Jobs For December

- To prevent the growth of fungal diseases like downy mildew and mold, remove yellowed leaves on brassicas.

- You can prune climbing roses from now until February.

- Keep an eye on bulbs frequently and remove any going moldy or soft before the rot spreads to other plants.

- Prune large fruit trees to increase their productivity and to control their shape and size.

-Give the birds fresh water during frosty weather.

- If weather conditions drop, move plants in pots to a sheltered area.

- Cover winter cabbage, kale and other brassicas with netting to protect them from pigeons.

- Regularly check greenhouse temperatures with a thermometer to ensure heaters are working correctly.

- Bring in any hoses and other garden equipment that may get damaged during frosty weather conditions.

- Ensure your bird feeder is topped up as it is harder for birds to find food on their own.

- While dormant, prune overgrown hedges and shrubs.

- To protect brussels sprouts from toppling over in strong winds, tie them to a cane for support.

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