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Gardening Jobs for August

How sociable the garden was. We ate and talked in given light. The children put their toys to grass All the warm wakeful August night.
Thomas Gunn, Last Days at Teddington
  • Bird Baths will quickly evaporate or become full of algae growth quick in the summer, remember to clean them out regularly to help our birds during the worst heat.
  • Keep patio container plants well watered and feed with a liquid fertiliser every fortnight.
  • Dead-head bedding plants and perennial plants to stop them self-seeding and to encourage further flowering into the autumn.
  • Dead-head Lilies for a better flower display next year.
  • Cut back herbs now to encourage a new flush of tasty leaves you can harvest.
  • Prune summer flowering shrubs once they have finished blooming.
  • Trim your Lavender plants after they’ve finished flowering to keep them compact.
  • Collect ripened seed and store for next year. Leaving some seed heads in place can be attractive and allows the plant to self-seed in the surrounding soil.
  • Finish dividing clumps of Bearded Iris now so they have time to form roots and flowers buds for next year before the cold weather arrives.
  • Apply a high-potash fertiliser such as tomato food once fruits start to form on peppers, cucumber and aubergines. 
  • Pinch out the top of tomato plants to concentrate the growth into the fruit that has already formed. Aim to leave 5 or 6 trusses of fruit per plant.
  • Lift and dry onions, shallots and garlic once the foliage has flopped over and yellowed. Store them in onion bags to prevent moulds developing
  • Established clumps of chives can be divided now.
  • Hedges can be given a final trim now before they stop growing.
  • Recycle your water – collect washing up water in a bucket outside for watering beds and lawns.
  • Turn the compost in your compost bins every month to keep it well aerated and to speed up decomposition.
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